Assignment Handout

Contributors: Alicia Wang, Alanna Zhou, Shungo Najima

Assignment Scope

Due Date: Monday 5/6, 11:59pm

You will be deploying from the Dockerfile you created in PA5 to Google Cloud! It should have at least one functioning endpoint from PA4.

Google Cloud is a platform that allows developers to quickly build and deploy apps in the cloud. We hope that this assignment will help you get familiar with Google Cloud so that you can use it for your own remote servers during the hack challenge and in your personal projects.

Deploy Your Server

Here are the requirements for your server:

  • The server has to be publicly accessible (the course staff must be able to access its URL)

  • You must have a working endpoint defined in the README.txt

  • You must have an environment variable file on your server containing your netid and your server must have a base endpoint as shown below. This means making changes to your

    Note that to receive full credit, your base endpoint must read from your environment variable file (e.g. you cannot simply hardcode the string "sn685 was here!")


Success Response
"<YOUR NETID> was here!"

3. Replace your current README.txt

Once again, replace your current README.txt with the one below. If you'd like to save your PA 5 answers, you may want to move the README.txt from that assignment into a different folder. Fill out the required fields as usual, and answer the questions for full credit!

If you have trouble answering the questions, watch the lecture video. Each question is answered there.

4. Submit Assignment

4a. Fill out your README.txt

You should have a newer version of README.txt as mentioned above!

4b. Zip and submit your assignment files

If you have properly followed along with the demo, you should now newly have a .dockerignore file, a .env file, and a few changes to your and docker-compose.yml.

Zip the starter folder and submit on CMS. For reference, your directory structure should look like the following:


For clarification, this means that you SHOULD NOT include your virtual environment, pycache, or .db file in your final submission. Doing so will lose you a few points on the project.

4c. Submit Feedback Form

To receive credit for your assignment, you must fill out the feedback form so that we can better understand how effectively we are teaching and how long students are spending on assignments.


None for this assignment! Feel free to explore what Google Cloud has to offer, which is a lot.

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