Final Project Award Winners

Conner Swenberg, Alanna Zhou

Spring 2020

Congrats to everyone who finished their final projects! You guys made it! Everyone did an amazing job--it was honestly quite hard to choose the awards this semester. Now we'll announce the winners of the Spring 2020 Backend Awards!

1. Best Documentation

Congrats to Helen Liang and Hilarie Sit for creating documentation with Swagger API!! Props to making such an extensive backend--runner up for Best Application Design.

2. Best Application Design

Congrats to Allison Hsu and Ava Tan for best application design! We received multiple Slack / Group messaging projects, but you guys did such an awesome job for extending your application with so many features!

3. Most Creative Application

Congrats to Gonzalo Gonzalez-Pumariega for creating such a unique backend with really extensive logic for a game application. Kudos to all of those intense game score calculations!

4. Best Security

Congrats to Haiying Weng for making the only backend that integrated authorization with a token! We love a security conscious backend!!

5. Best Overall Backend

Congrats to Tewodros Mitiku for creating such a cool and unique backend (with Swagger docs!) -- instructors Conner and Alanna tested out this Spotify and Sendgrid API integrated backend, and were pleasantly surprised to find an email in our inboxes that showed our commonly listened to songs!

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