PA6 Assignment Handout

Contributors: Alicia Wang, Conner Swenberg

Assignment Scope

Due Date: Sunday 11/2, 11:59pm

You will be deploying the docker image you created in PA5 to Google Cloud! It should have all the functionality of PA4. Your submission will only involve a README.txt file including the IP address of your deployed server.

4. Submit Assignment

3a. Fill out your README.txt

A README.txt file is included in the starter code for you to fill out after completing the assignment. Also note that you will not receive extra credit for Extra Credit Challenges you complete if you do not let us know for when we grade!

Make sure to note your server's IP address so that we can test it while grading!

Name: Jane Smith
NetID: js123

Challenges Attempted: Tier I, II, III

Instance IP: <insert IP address here>

3b. Submit README.txt on CMS

3c. Submit Feedback Form

Feedback Form

To receive credit for your assignment, you must fill out the feedback form so that we can better understand how effectively we are teaching and how long students are spending on assignments.


Tier I

Add the use of a Docker volume to isolate a production database

You can follow along the steps and motivation layed out in the demo.

Add the use of an environment variable file for secrets

You can follow along the steps and motivation layed out in the demo.

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