Assignment Requirements

Contributors: Shungo Najima

Hi there!

Here is a list of files/items you should submit with every programming assignment:

  1. Fill out your README.txt A README.txt file is included in the starter code for you to fill out after completing the assignment. Also note that you will not receive extra credit for extra credit challenges you complete if you do not let us know for when we grade!

    Name: Jane Smith
    NetID: js123
    Challenges Attempted: <all the Tiers you completed here>
  2. Make sure you have proper Python styling in your code

    Common mistakes in styling are:

    • NOT HAVING documentation/comments in each of your routes (a one-line comment is sufficient!)

    • Naming variables with CamelCase instead of snake_case

    • Too much/too little empty spaces/empty lines

    • Leaving in commented code

  3. Verify your routes using Postman Tests and submit an exported JSON of them

  4. Zip and submit your assignment files

    Next, zip the starter folder and submit on CMS. For reference, your directory structure should look like the following:


    For clarification, this means that you SHOULD NOT include your virtual environment, pycache, or .db file in your final submission. Doing so will lose you a few points on the project.

  5. Submit Feedback Form

    To receive credit for your assignment, you must fill out the feedback form so that we can better understand how effectively we are teaching and how long students are spending on assignments.

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